Full bespoke advantages

No Item Full bespoke suit advantages Normal MTM suit disadvantage
1 Pattern Platform design exclusive pattern for every customer Simple amendment on standard pattern
2 Lead time 7 working days Can not promise to delivery in a short time.
3 Individual designs Could meet all the customers individual needs Individual designs are not available.
4 Top making crafts Full handmade & full canvas Simple machine-made crafts
5 Eco-friendly design No lining, no shoulder pad; shirt fabric; silk fabric; textile suit. Airtight, heavy, old mishmash, stiffness, uncomfortable.
6 Measuring method Enjoy patent measuring method, accurate and efficient. Try on fit garments and adjust based on the standard size.
7 Try on No Need to try on, make the garment perfect-fit all at one time. Need many try-ons and amendments
8 Ordering method Place orders via on-line ordering system, submit order with one click. Place orders manually, inefficiently and error prone
9 Manufacturing advantage World-wide high-end informationalized & specialized factory. Unprofessional MTM factory
10 Full bespoke The symbol of your status, the show of your personality, and could bring you a healthy and comfortable dressing experience. Normal suit, you can buy it anywhere.


Suit Normal Suit
  • The collar outline appears to be a natural curvature from above to bottom
  • The back neck is more fit to the neck which shall increase your noble temperament
  • Making your neck more slender
  • The collar is not natural enough.
  • The back neck is not fit with the body
  • Unsmooth by observation
  • With the smooth line of the shoulder
  • Overall uprising the collar, revealing one's noble temperament
  • No shoulder pad or light shoulder pad is with a better breathability and less pressure on one's shoulder
  • The line of the shoulder is not smooth, the shoulder breath is too large and the proportion is not coordinating.
  • Lowing the collar of the suit which appears to be too fat
  • Shoulder pad is too thick and too stressful
  • The breast would appears to be more smoothly and straight
  • Chest is more fit and makes one more muscular
  • The overall dressing has a slim effect and makes one more masculine
  • The breast is not smooth and straight enough
  • With airtight, uncomfortable and huge chest lining has made one looks stiff
  • The front panel of the suit is too heavy that makes one moves uncomfortably
  • With quite fair shaped and natural waist line
  • A more disctinct waist narrowing effect
  • Moving more comfortably
  • Without waist shape
  • Looks fat without waist narrowing
  • Inconvenient when making movements
  • The armhole is more fitand makes one looks more flexible as a whole
  • Makes one move more comfortably and the appearance looks more light and handy
  • The design is more ergonomic
  • The whole armhole looks fat
  • The appearance is not smooth and straight enough
  • Inconvenient when making movements
  • The shoulder appears t be stylish.And with the waist narrowing, the outlineof one's back appears to be perfect
  • The slim outline makes one looks more handsome
  • The back is more fit and smooths
  • Without waist shape, the suit is barrel-shaped
  • Without waist narrowing,the suit looks fat
  • Inconvenient when making movements
Side Panel
  • Flat and fair shaped
  • Chest is more fit and makes one more muscular
  • The overall dressing has a slim effect and makes one more musculine
  • Not flat and fair enough
  • Chest lining is too stiff that made the side panel has no sense of line
Back Neck
  • More fit and natural overall
  • No redundancy below the back neck
  • Without limitation when making movements
  • With redundancy below the back neck
  • Not smooth enough
  • Restricted when making movements


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